Duo Die Acrobatics

Dane and Caitlin met and immediately fell into a regular training regime that both challenged and delighted them... Duo Die formed nine months later. Since the beginning, they have spent countless hours training foundational drills, practicing progression and precision, workshopping, performing, coaching and learning around the world! Their goal as a team is to spread their love of acro, through hard work and smart training. They are constantly looking to evolve their technique in training and teaching, all the while working towards a long life of partner acro. Through their focus on communication and working together, they have developed a coaching approach that has the potential to make acrobatics fun, progressive and sustainable for a lifetime!

Why we Coach

We love acrobatics and want to help everyone find the same love and appreciation that we have!

Our passion lies in helping people to understand how partner acrobatics works. We focus our coaching on a strong comprehension of the 'basics', with a special focus on communication and partnership. A strong partnership with healthy lines of communication is the foundation of a duo/group that is going to have fun and reach their full potential.

We coach because we love to see people learn. We want to provide people with direction in their training, and assistance in finding the big issues as well as small details that make skills work. We use various movement disciplines to inspire different methods to training, and help us to understand the different styles of learning and teaching that can be most useful to each individual acrobat. We want to help people that are acrobatic enthusiasts, like us, and have to deal with full time jobs and responsibilities outside of acrobatics too!

Who we coach

We want to work with people that are more excited about acrobatics than the standard hobbyist. The people that want to understand the fundamentals and take it just a bit further than the average human might deem safe! We we want the individuals that enjoy the challenge of perfecting skills. Not just a one and done mentality. If you are thinking about working with us, make sure that you have the self motivation to get up and get after your training! Remember, you only get out what you put in so if you are excited to train and build your foundations to get that next level then you have come to the right place!!! If you are unsure, then please check out our follow along programs or shoot us a message and we can have a chat.

Our Philosophy

The most important thing in acrobatics is to be safe and enjoy what you are doing. Without safety, there is no way to build trust in your partnership. Both parties must feel confident and safe in what they are doing; time and hard work are keys to accomplishing this.

We don't believe in cutting corners. We spend time on drilling the fundamentals every day. This is how we build trust and safe practices. And this is how we will sustain training for a long time. Acrobatics is inherently dangerous but if done properly, the risk can be minimised.

We have learned from many different coaches along the way. All have different methods and styles, all of which are valid and worthy of knowing. It is the job of a partnership to work together to decide which techniques work, everyone is different and may require different techniques! Be open to them all and go with what works for you.

Communication is key in a partnership. Creating a language between you and your partner is a must. We want to avoid breaks in communication in order to maximise our safety. Misunderstandings can and will happen, but minimising these is a goal to work towards. Both partners have a job to do, it is their responsibility not only to do their job, but to trust that their partner is going to do the same. Everyone is focusing on the same outcome, getting the skill!

Keep the body and mind challenged!